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Save the gymnast

Air Track Italia was born out of passion for sports and innovation.

The only Italian company that specializes in inflatable equipment fot Artistics and Acrobatic Gymnastics, Diving, Parkour, Martial Arts, Dance and Cheerleading.

Innovative products, created with the best materials, allows the possibility to reach high level performance, otherwise unachievable with normal equipment.

The brand Air Track Italia® and the registered designs of the products are synonymous with quality, uniqueness and warranty.

The Air Track Italia® airtracks and landing pits are top quality products,
developed and constantly improved in every detail:
from design to materials, from air pumps to valves.

Elevate the skill level in your gym

while protecting your athletes from injury

More repetition and more protection: a Double Victory!

The bounce response given by air in comparison to traditional bounce responses (ex. springs) limits the exhaustion of articulations as well as articular trauma due to impact stress.

MICROmat Airtrack
UPIT Cloud and UPIT Foam | Landing Pits Air Track Italia®

Do you have a pit in your gym?

Today you can have your own UPIT!

The UPIT Cloud and the UPIT Foam are our newest concepts, created for Gymnastics gyms.

Our pits ensure an increased efficiency for protecting falls and guarantees athletes’ safety.

Robust, but light, the UPIT developed by Air Track Italia® can be easily moved from one event to the next by using the lateral handles.


The inclined air mat for every need
was born in ROME


with the AirPODIUM, you’re in first place every day

The AirPODIUM is an awards podium, innovative and portable, and thanks to the three separable pieces, it is also a 30ft. tumbling strip, and propeatic beam, an inclinced platform, a mini tramp.

Don’t believe us?

AirPODIUM - Podio premiazioni gonfiabile

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Do you want to test Air Track Italia ® products?

Here’s how


Air Track Italia takes part in many sports events where you can try out our AirTracks and check out the features of our products.
Visit our Facebook page and find out about upcoming events!


Book an internship with
Professional Gymnastic Movement:
professionalism and competence
at your service,
accompanied by great athletes.

In the gym

Gymnastics is an ever-shared passion and so is the chance to get to know a new equipment!
Email us at, we will show you the gyms in your area that already have our own Air Track.


Hiring an AirTrack is quick and easy: you receive it in 1 day and it will be picked up at the end of the rental by the courier.
The packaging is reusable and allows us
to minimize transportation costs.

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