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What a passion for GYMNASTICS! The Home MAT has arrived: the new home use air track is lightweight, versatile and has an innovative design.

Ideal for small or tall gymnasts.

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What is it?

The Home MAT is the new home use Air Track that was developed in collaboration with Vanessa Ferarri.
It’s light, resistant and easy to inflate/deflate! Everything you need to bring your passin home: gymnastics… sport, health and growth!

The nautical technology makes the Home MAT very resistant, but lightweight and versatile at the same time.

The 5.9in. thickness was specifically calculated so that this product could be used placed on top of any hard surface flooring while guaranteeing maximum safety in case of a fall.

The center embossed line allows for propaedeutic work on the balance beam.

Once the Home MAT is deflated, it can be rolled up and stored away in your transportation bag (included).

The bounce response is adjustable by altering the air pressure, measurable by the included Analogical Manometer.

How do I use it?

Inflating your Home MAT is easier than inflating your bicycle tires. Furthermore, the utilized air pressure is very low and therefore very safe.
The included Electric Air Pump has an anti-overheating system that protects you and the product.

Once it is inflated and set upon any type of flooring, the Home MAT is ready to be flipped upon and will maintain air pressure for long periods of time.



More safety

5.9in. thickness

Easy to carry

Easy to carry

26lbs. weight

Anti-scratch and anti-puncture

Made of 0.4in. PVC

Anti-scratch and anti-puncture

Propaedeutic to the balance beam

Central line 4in. wide

Propaedeutic to the balance beam

Deflated product size

Deflated product size

41 x 9 x 12 in.

Quick inflation

Quick inflation

only 60 sec

Inflation with or without electricity


with or without electricity

WaterGame features

UNI EN 15649 certified

WaterGame features

Supported weight 61.7 lbs./ft²

Supported weight 61.7 lbs./ft²

Maximum air pressure 1000 mBar

Why choose it

Home MAT is a high quality product, CE certified and completely handmade in every detail.
The material with which it is made is 1st choice PVC, non-toxic and certified… unlike cheaper products that can be found on the market.

The thickness and dimensions indicated are ACTUAL of the area of ​​use, excluding the orange borders.

The orange section is double-layered to guarantee maximum tension and resist damage or abrasion.

The Home MAT is 100% repairable in the case of damage.

Included in the price

Express shippingExpress shipment
Closing strapClosing strap
Carrying bagCarrying bag
Repair KitRepair Kit
Air Track Italia® WarrantyAir Track Italia® Warranty
Air Track Italia® SupportAir Track Italia® Support
Electrical Air PumpElectric Air Pump
Analogical Manometer Analogical Manometer

Any questions? Feel free to contact us for further information on Home MAT!

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 116 × 25 × 30 cm

Technical Table


Length 400 cm / 13.1 ft.
Width 100 cm / 3.3 ft
Height 15 cm / 5.9 in.
Weight 12 Kg / 26 lbs.
Packaging size 115 x 25 x 25 cm / 3.7 ft. x 9 in. x 9 in.
Materials 100% PVC ECO friendly (non-toxic)
Valves 1, automatic, double-sealed, nautical
Velcro 2 strips
Handles 2 PVC + Soft Nylon
Inflation time 30 sec
Advised Air Pressure 150-250 mbar (0,15-0,25 bar)


Certification of Air Track Italia products

Manufactured by Air Track Italia S.R.L.
Device name TRAKKINO
Model number 009
Certificate No. SCT18090365
The Standard EN 12503-1:2013 – CE



Read the User Manual carefully

  • Read and understand the User’s Manual before using this product: You may risk serious injury.
  • Frequently check the air pressure and operating conditions.
  • This product is NOT a toy, adult supervision is strongly recommended.
  • You and your safety is your responsibility.
  • Do not drag this product, or let it fall, you may risk damage.
  • NEVER use the Repair Kit without first asking for assistance. Always get instructions and authorization from usa@airtrackitalia.com first.


Recommended accessories

Digital Manometer | Air tracks accessories by Air Track Italia S.r.l.

Digital Manometer

Thanks to the Digital Manometer with 3-digit display, you can always use the Home MAT at exactly the same air pressure.

$ 100.00

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