General information

  • To use the warranty, the Customer must keep the invoice (or DDT) he will receive with the goods. It is good practice for the customer to check the packaging and the product contained in it upon arrival to check whether the product received is free from defects of any kind (we recommend signing with reserve the courier, in this case there are three days time to check the product).
  • Air Track Italia® products are covered by a 24-month warranty with RTB formula (return to base). Unless an extension is authorized by written form, the effective date coincides with the date stamped on the sales document issued at the time of product purchase.
    The 24-month warranty pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 24/02 applies to products that present a lack of conformity, provided that the product itself is used correctly, respecting its intended use and as provided in the attached technical documentation.
    In the event of a lack of conformity, at no cost to the Customer Air Track Italia S.R.L. will restore product conformity by repairing / replacing or reducing the price until the contract is terminated. If the defect does not result in a lack of conformity pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 24/02, the Customer will be charged for any costs of verification and recovery required by the Authorized Support, as well as transportation costs if incurred by Air Track Italia S.R.L..
  • To get the service Technical Support during the warranty period, the shipment must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice confirming the purchase.
    Air Track Italia S.R.L. reserves the right to invoice the Customer for troubleshooting costs and any intervention costs related to products sent for repair that do not have manufacturing defects attributable to the product and its original components, but defects attributable to: components added by the Customer, incorrect installation, tampering or anything else that is not part of the original configuration of the product purchased.
  • If, for any reason, Air Track Italia S.R.L. is unable to provide its customer with a product under warranty (restored or replaced), the company will be able to proceed at its own discretion to refund the full amount paid or to replace it with a product of equal or superior features.
  • No damage can be requested to Air Track Italia S.R.L. for any delays in repairs or replacements.

Warranty forfeiture

The warranty terms expire in the following cases:

  • carelessness, abuse, clumsy use, incorrect or improper use and installation
  • cuts caused by the use of blades or other materials for unpacking
  • electrical discharges and voltages that do not conform to the features of the product, described in the User Manual or on the reference plates
  • incorrect or improper installations and modifications not complying with Air Track Italia specifications
  • use of non-original accessories and consumables
  • product tampering
  • any intervention on products under warranty performed by the Customer. Any intervention must be previously and exclusively authorized in writing by Air Track Italia S.R.L.

The Warranty does not cover the marginal defects that have negligible effect on the value or the functionality of the product (irregularities or inaccuracies).

Further information

The conditions contained in this document may be modified without notice.

For more information, please write to, or contact us by phone.

Last modification: 12/21/2022

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