CHALK 20, our chalk powder from the Dolomites, is provided in a 20 kg (44 lbs.) bin.
Optimal adhesion to the hand and grip to the bars.

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What is it?

After the disappearance of the famous “Grippy”, we presented this worthy replacement, CHALK 20: 20 kg (44 lbs.) of chalk powder from the Dolomites, provided in an easy to move blue bin, is simply opened and closed for refilling chalk holders without letting in humidity.
CHALK 20 adheres optimally to hands as well as to the bars, and lasts long too.

This chalk is “Grade Edible”- the most tolerable in case of allergy.

Out of curiosity

Once the chalk is gone, use the blue bin for equipment storage in the gym.

The label proposes a simple restyling of the book Polvere di Magnesio- Storie di ginnasti e ginnastica (Chalk Powder- Stories of gymnasts and gymnastics) written by Ilaria Leccardi, BRADIPOLIBRI – bradipolibri.it

Below is a brief excerpt of her literature:

The chalk powder remains on your skin when you finish your routine. It invades your leo and hair when you first mount the equipment. You breathe it in when you step into the gym, and it suprises you, it makes you cough and sneeze. The chalk powder recognizes every centimeter of your skin, every one of your thoughts, it lets you flow and keeps its balance.

Included in the price

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Express shipping

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Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 80 cm

Technical table


Length 80 cm / 2.6 ft.
Width 50 cm / 1.6 ft.
High 50 cm / 1.6 ft.
Weight 25 Kg / 55 lbs.
Packaging size 80 x 50 x 50 cm / 2.6 x 1.6 x 1.6 ft.
Mouth Large, 44 cm (1.4 ft.) diameter
Weight 5 Kg / 11 lbs.
Capacity 120 Lt.
Materials High density recycled polyethylene (HDPE)
Closing Metallic tie
Handles No
Color Blue
Approval ADR/ONU



Read the User Manual carefully

  • Read and understand the User’s Manual before using this product: You may risk serious injury.
  • Frequently check the air pressure and operating conditions.
  • This product is NOT a toy, adult supervision is strongly recommended.
  • You and your safety is your responsibility.
  • Do not drag this product, or let it fall, you may risk damage.
  • NEVER use the Repair Kit without first asking for assistance. Always get instructions and authorization from info@airtrackitalia.com first.

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