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The MAXI 15 is a must for every gymnastics gym: an inflatable tumbling strip with optimal bounce response and incredible versatility.

Safe, fun and instructive.

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Product Description

What is it?

The MAXI 15 air track is a crucial piece of equipment for every gymnastics gym. Useful for every event: from group Warm Up to acrobatic skills.

It is safe and extremely easy to transport and inflate, requiring just three minutes of inflation time thanks to our new valve and the 1.5 in. Tube.

Once inflated, the MAXI 15 maintains pressure; can be placed up against a wall when not in use, or deflated and rolled up.

Thanks to the flat surface and uniform bounce response, gymnasts can train any new skill, from handstands to acro sequences… All while having their articulations protected.
The stable surface allows a safe spotting stance for coaches.

The bounce response resembles that of the spring floor, and if placed on top of a spring floor the response will be even more comparable.

Air pressure is adjustable modifiable and can change the bounce response, measureable by the Digital Manometer.

How do I use it?

The MAXI 15 air track can be used placed upon any flat surface as a tumbling strip. Thanks to its 8 in. thickness, when inflated it is not necessary to have another mat or spring floor underneath it.

The air-function allows anyone from toddlers to adults to find a suitable pressure, aiding the amount of bounce while reducing stress to articulations when training acrobatic skills.

When put together with a landing mat or our UPIT it becomes the ideal arrangement of equipment for quickly learning acrobatic and vault timing.

Crucial to have for team shows, it is advised to use on top of a carpet strip if placed on concrete or grass to avoid damage or abrasion.

Out of curiosity

The MAXI 15 is 100% repairable in the case of damage.

Included in the price

Accessories included in the MAXI 15 Air Track Italia® | Air Track Italia S.r.l.

OneExpress shipping TwoClosing strap ThreeCarrying bag
FourBag for accessories FiveRepair Kit SixAir Track Italia® Warranty
SevenAir Track Italia® Support

For orders from US, please email us at usa@airtrackitalia.com! Order now

Technical Table


Length 15 m / 49.2 ft.
Width 2 m / 6.6 ft
Height 20 cm / 8 in.
Weight 97 Kg / 213 lbs.
Packaging size 120 x 50 x 50 cm / 3.9 ft. x 1.6 ft. x 1.6 ft.
Materials 100% PVC ECO friendly (non-toxic)
Valves 1, automatic, double-sealed, nautical
Wide scope valves 2, automatic, double-sealed
Velcro 1 strip (180 cm / 5.9 ft.)
Handles 6 PVC + Nylon Sof
Inflation time 3 min
Advised Air Pressure 150-250 mbar (0,15-0,25 bar)


Air Track Italia product certification

Manufactured by Air Track Italia S.r.l.
Device name MAXI 15
Model number 018
Certificate No. SCT18090374
The Standard EN 12503-1:2013 – CE


Read the User Manual carefully

  • Read and understand the User’s Manual before using this product: You may risk serious injury.
  • Frequently check the air pressure and operating conditions.
  • This product is NOT a toy, adult supervision is strongly recommended.
  • You and your safety is your responsibility.
  • Do not drag this product, or let it fall, you may risk damage.
  • NEVER use the Repair Kit without first asking for assistance. Always get instructions and authorization from usa@airtrackitalia.com first.


Recommended accessories

Electrical Air Pump | Air tracks accessories by Air Track Italia S.r.l.

Electrical Air Pump

The Electrical Air Pump is supplied complete with pipe and fitting and can be used both to inflate and to deflate the MAXI 15.

 80,00 incl. VAT

1.5 in. Tube | MAXI Air tracks accessories by Air Track Italia S.r.l.

1.5 in. Tube

The 1.5 in. Tube combined with our Electrical Air Pump allows rapid inflation of the MAXI 15 (only 3 minutes).

 30,00 incl. VAT

Digital Manometer | Air tracks accessories by Air Track Italia S.r.l.

Digital Manometer

Thanks to the Digital Manometer with 3-digit display, you can always use the MAXI 15 at exactly the same air pressure.

 60,00 incl. VAT

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